Lean Range

We have a range of hampers that are high in protein and 5% fat products. Perfect for those following a healthy eating plan or body building.

8 x slices of Unsmoked Short Back Bacon

8 x slices of  Unsmoked Short Back BaconAll sliced in our 5 star premises. ..


Big Daddy Rump Steak (Approximately 20oz)

Calling all steak lovers can you handle this mammoth meaty steak in one sitting? If you can't, at th..


Eat Lean Eat Clean

4 x 6oz 99.9%  Burger1 x tray of 7 99.9% Pork SausagesDozen eggs4 x lean sizzling/frying steak4..


Extra Lean High in Protein

This hamper is high in protein. Perfect for those people following a diet/healthy eating plan or bod..


Family Favourite

Family FavouriteIncludes:1 x Whole Chicken1 x 400g Best Mince Beef1 x 400g stewing steak4 x pork ste..


Mix & Match 5% Fat Mince Beef & Diced Chicken Breast

Mix and MatchAny 4 trays of 400g 5% Fat Mince and 400g Diced Chicken Breast for £12..


Skinny BBQ Pack

Skinny BBQ Pack Ideal for those who are following a healthy eating planIncludes:14 x 99.9% ..


Slimmer's Treat

4 Chicken Breasts4 Lean Pork Loin Steaks1 x 400g Lean Diced Pork Leg1 x 400g Extra Lean Stewing Beef..


Rump Steak

A tender cut of beef from the lower back of the cow, sold as roasting joints and steaks. Typically,..


1 x 4 x Chicken Skewers

4 x Chicken Skewers ..


3 x ANY Flavoured Chicken Breast Goujons

3 x Any Flavoured Chicken Breast Goujons..


400g Chicken Stir Fry

400g Chicken Stir Fry..


400g LEAN Beef Stir Fry

400g Lean Beef Stir Fry..


Flavoured Chicken Goujons

Flavoured Chicken Goujons..


2kg Unsmoked Short Back Bacon

Unsmoked Thick Cut Short Back Bacon - all sliced at GVMG ..


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