6oz Chilli Burger (Pack of 4)

Our 6oz Chilli Beef Burger gives a nice kick to any meal or BBQ. *These may arrive to you froze..


Beef Croquet

Beef Croquet, stuffed with creamy peppercorn sauce, wrapped in streaky bacon and coated with sea sal..


Beef Pattie with a Chimichurri Pocket

Beef Pattie with a Chimichurri Pocket and wrapped in streaky bacon...


Big Daddy Rump Steak (Approximately 20oz)

Calling all steak lovers can you handle this mammoth meaty steak in one sitting? If you can't, at th..


Garlic Beef Pattie

Another product the pre-prepared and ready for the oven, to make those mealtimes a little bit easier..


Tomahawk Steak




Our delicious beef topside is a large, lean, boneless joint with little marbling and a fine te..


Rib of Beef

One of the grandest roasting joints of all, the forerib has plenty of fat marbled through the flesh..



A cut of beef taken from just below the shoulder along the length of the chest/breast. It’s a fair..


Rump Steak

A tender cut of beef from the lower back of the cow, sold as roasting joints and steaks. Typically,..


T -Bone Steak – 14-16oz

An enormous steak taken from the whole sirloin, this cut is the best of both worlds. On one side o..


Fillet Steak

Fillet steak is a signature cut the world over, and in Britain the most prized of all cuts. Our..


Sirloin Steak

Sirloin is one of the most flavoursome steaks, yet it can beef almost as tender as fillet, so it c..


Rib Eye Steaks – 7-8oz steak

Generously marbled, our traditionally matured ribeye’s are bursting with the rich flavour of pr..


Diced Stewing Steak

Cut from the chuck, our Stewing Steak is perfectly prepared, trimmed and diced by our accre..


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