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"What a lovely family business you have, my husband baby and I visited today. Couldn't believe how much we got for such a bargain. Can't wait to tuck in... thank you for your warm welcome and look forward to seeing you soon.”


“Ordered one which was lovely and great value for money we have just order another one planning our meals ahead this time we are getting bones for the dog think they will love them can't wait for delivery on Thursday”


“I just put in my second order. We ordered the small family hamper the first time, each piece of meat was well packed and cooked lovely. We had 2 meals, sometimes 3 meals out of each piece so was well worth the money. Plus delivered straight to your door with friendly staff on phone and in person.”


“All the meat was top quality and tasted amazing and brilliant value for money. Will be ordering from here again.”

“Popped down yesterday to get a BBQ pack and breakfast pack to go away in the caravan with, and was well happy what we had customer service was out of this world they even should my little girl how they make sausages. She loved it. I would recommend to anyone I know and don't know.”


“I first came across Adrian Walker when he did a butchery demonstration at the Monmouthshire Food Festival back in 2015. On that occasion, the result of the demonstration was auctioned off and I was luck with my bid. Since then he has expanded his business into retail world, bringing fantastic quality of different meat products at unbelievable prices. As a butcher, he is without equal and so is the produce of Golden Valley Meat & Game.”


“Value for money and excellent delivery service, will not buy from anyone else.”


“We've had the lamb and breakfast hamper and the £42 BBQ pack. It has all been so tasty! The breakfast was described by my husband as "the best full English I've ever had". The BBQ was a great success. Our favourities include the lamb kebabs and the sausages are to die for. I can't recommend Golden Valley Meat enough. I can see us being regular customers! Delicious!”


“I thought this deal was too good to be true, but it's not, it is what it says, plus cut my shopping bill in half! I’m so impressed at how much there was for the amount I paid! And the quality is unmistakable. I freeze the breast portions (and they really are huge, nothing like the shop bought ones) in freezer bags into packs of 3 and defrost as and when I need them. Chicken is so versatile anyway and that’s why this is perfect for our family. We like to cut the chicken into strips and add whatever takes our fancy that day, could be lemon juice, thyme and honey or onions, mushrooms (any wine that’s hanging about lol) and creme fraiche!! The mince is like nothing I've ever tasted before; very fillet steak like in my opinion. Great for making Meatballs, Bolognese or Cottage Pie: all of which I've made and went down very well! Have now put in place a regular fortnightly order and look forward to receiving my second delivery tonight! Thanks to Claire for the help in choosing and organising my order so efficiently!”